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Comments from our Customers

Amazing, delicious hearty keep it up! I love the eggplant. - Treasure

I especially love the eggplant quiche: perfect amount of flakey & gooey. - Perfecto!

Excellent good taste! - John

It was the first quiche where I liked the texture, presentation and flavor. - Shamli

I taste three quiche and the flavor and texture were perfect loved the crust and the wrapping... to bad I had to share - Kathy

I'm not a big fan of quiche but the tomato quiche was so good...much success to you

I hope the quiche will be in the store soon I would buy it and tell others - Richey

The quiche I had was delicious! Fresh and well balanced with the right amounts of cheese, buttery crust, veggies and moist filling. I was very impressed with how well it heated up in a microwave as that is the worst way to heat up a tasty quiche. The portion is just right and the product looks great. I'd love to try one properly warmed in a toaster oven. Thanks again and I wish the chef all the best. - Benjamin

Elizabeth---- I wanted you to know that everyone that tried your quiche agreed that it was absolutely magnificent! Thanks you for those delicious samples.Best. - Will

Regarding my personal magnificent quiche experience: I was smitten on first bite. If I could chew fast enough, I would've scarfed it down in record time thank goodness, I found the strength to restrain my self from swallowing it whole every bite and chew was pure bliss! magnificent quiche is tres magnificent!!! - Gloria Fangon-Hitz,JD

Excellent! Sweet pepper the best. Matthew Owner Cafe Gratitude

Perfect! We love it can't wait to purchase a pie. - Bay Area Black Expo

Excellent! Very Tasty! - Jamila

Great! I live in Atlanta but if you had a frozen quiche I'm in. - Edward

Great! I would purchase magnificent quiche for myself, family,party or as a gift. - Verna

Excellent! I loved both samples (Chicken & Tomato and Curry Coconut Prawn). - Prestell

Your service was excellent. Good Stuff!!! Rev. Buford

I could eat magnificent quiche for breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Dessert. - 11yr old Adam

Tasted the Curry Coconut Prawn- I'm sold!

It was excellent! great food + great service. A plus 10 plus it was great!

Service today was excellent very friendly delicious prawn quiche!

The best I ever tasted!

Chicken and Tomato was very good.