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How the quiche became Magnificent

As narrated by Women Initiatives

Washing, cutting, sautéing, frying, baking, dicing, stirring…for many of us, cooking can be an exhausting task that we would rather avoid. This is definitely not the case for Elizabeth Woods, whose earliest memories as a young girl involve cracking eggs for her mother and aunt, her first teachers in the kitchen.

For Elizabeth cooking feels more like a massage. “I go into my kitchen and get into this zone that is so relaxing.” One of Elizabeth’s most relaxing pastimes is also the heart of her ever-growing business, Magnificent Quiche. The word magnificent describes more than just Elizabeth’s quiche. Her clearly envisioned business plan, her unrelenting commitment to her dreams, and her pure passion for cooking all fall equally into the category of magnificent.

Always the cook, Elizabeth started a part-time business in 1999, mostly catering for family and friends while working full-time as a program coordinator for a non-profit.

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