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Elizabeth Woods | Chief Executive

Elizabeth WoodsElizabeth Woods is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Magnificent Quiche. A brand she has operated for over 12 years to create over 58 different varieties of quiches with ingredients ranging from lobster, to steak, to artichoke and zucchini. With over 20 years’ experience in the food industry, she is a renowned expert in seasoning a collection of dishes. In 2008, she was honored at the 20th Women Initiative Excellence Awards as the Most Enterprising Woman of the Year for her business acumen and nourishing delicacies and bites that are feted as “Overall best Dish and “Best Quiche of the West” in numerous cook-offs and conferences.

At age three, her curiosity to try the wonderful flavors she experienced from her mum’s cooking ignited her passion. Her earliest memories revolved around working in the kitchen, cracking eggs for her mother and aunt who became her first role models. At age fourteen, she surprised her entire family by preparing the entire thanksgiving dinner on her own.

Elizabeth served as a Program Coordinator for EBPC, a non-profit organization; head cook at the Oakland Public School System, and program coordinator of the Oakland Birth School Program. During this time, she won the “Outstanding Counselor” and “Outstanding Supervisor Award” for her artistic flair to seal the deal in presenting good food to hungry kids and teachers with great attention to nutrition and taste.

When Elizabeth instituted Magnificent Quiche, she embarked on a mission to create artisan quiches without comprising flavor, nutrition and quality. Her cooking passion equaled by her passion for people health and joy ensures her magnificent quiches satisfy body and the soul. Tasks such as washing, cutting, sautéing, frying, baking, dicing, stirring, may seem to many of us an exhausting task that we would rather avoid, but for Elizabeth, cooking feels more like a massage and she once confessed that when she got to her kitchen, she simply gets into a relaxing zone.

Elizabeth Woods has been featured on several occasions on Channel 36 and Channel 14.