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Community Engagement

Helping the community is at the heart of our work. We have a vibrant CSR Department that help us identify community initiatives and projects that deserve our support whether financially or through “business mentorship and incubation program"

We are currently funding two major initiatives-

Dreams to Freedom Project

An initiative of Mwangi Mukami Foundation, Inc

The Dreams to Freedom Project is an initiative of the Mwangi Mukami Foundation, Inc here in Bay Area. Its primary object is to reach out to young African-Americans in Bay area to provide diverse platforms to promote cohesion and unity among young African-Americans and people of Africa ancestry and descent.

The Dreams to Freedom Project also seek to promote, safeguard and help to reinvigorate the positive identities, cultures, traditions and norms of people of Africa ancestry and descent especially young African-Americans. Currently the Foundation is exploring partnership possibilities with youth speaks, one of California youth-led, robust grass root organization that promote emerging voices through poetry, music and Arts.

Mwangi Mukami Foundation is a not for profit, non-partisan, independent organization established to advance the legacy and ideals of Mwangi Mukami by developing the capacity of young leaders to advocate and promote end of extreme poverty, disease, injustice and conflict. It is founded on the premise of providing disenfranchised groups and individuals with diverse platforms to start on the staircase of life. This philosophy is found on the understanding that majority of the underprivileged groups or individuals do not have the basic amenities to begin.

The Foundation believe our world is missing out on great dreams, because those who dream do not/may not have food to eat, clothes to wear or some other very basic need. These great dreamers abandon their dreams, in business, sports, philanthropy or even school to make ends meet. Mwangi Mukami Foundation is established to reverse this unfortunate trend by becoming a beacon of hope, and stirring minds to reach their highest vision by providing a foothold on the bottom rung, from which disenfranchised groups/persons can proceed to climb on their own.

The Foundation seek to become a breathing testament of Mwangi Mukami ideals and efforts in building a more unified world, inspired by mutual benefit Institute benchmarks for equity and renounce prejudice, hate and conflict based on faith, race, stature, nationalism, and sexual orientation for now and next generation.

Visit Mwangi Mukami Foundation website


A Program of the Haisht Ashburv Free Clinics

A Women's 24 hours Drop-in Shelter

The Oshun Center is a women-focused Z4-hour 7 day per week site providing a welcoming safe haven for women and their families where they can access services that nurture healing, and build strength. Women are allowed to stay at Oshun over night if there is no Shelter Bed available. No women is turned away, except for inappropriate behavior that affect the other guests on the site, or the threat of violence.

The desired outcome of the Oshun Drop-in Center is to secure housing and reduce the negative and harmful behaviors that make it difficult to maintain permanent housing. While the program promotes a harm reduction philosophy, clients are engaged on a regular basis to help them move step by step to a more stable environment.

The intention is to eventually engage the women accessing Drop in services with early intervention Services. These services will include assessment in formation, counseling and referral services for Substance abuse, medical and mental health issues, vocational and housing needs.

Respite Services:

  1. Showers
  2. Laundry facilities
  3. Access to Phones
  4. Early Intervention services:
  5. Case management with a focus on creating a 'Street to Home" plan.
  6. Substance Abuse services
  7. Access to Shelter Beds


Children In Need of Hugs (CINOH)

Children In Need of Hugs was founded in June, 2000. Since then we have been providing supportive services to homeless teenage mothers and their children in Solano County, California. In September, 2007 they were granted federal funding to support their cause from the Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families.

The founder was a homeless teenage mother who had a vision to support all homeless youth in Solano County. The federal grant allowed them to move closer to the founder's visions to open a drop in center for at risk homeless youth.

At risk youth are seeking a safe haven away from physical, sexual and mental abuse. Some youth just need someone to talk to before they runaway or attempt to commit suicide; some runaway from their homes and do not know how to talk to their parents about returning; Some at risk youth are parents who just need a break from their child(ren) for a day or two to re-group; Some at risk youth are forced into prostitution, gangs and drugs; Some are just seeking shelter, food, clothes, tutoring, financial support and/or vocational training.

We are here to support our youth no matter what their needs are to allow them to be able to return into the mainstream and to become functioning adults in our society.

Visit our website:

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